Deaa vous propose

Who are we?

Deaa, reveal the Goddess that is in you!

Is the very attestation that dreams can come true...

This shop was created by Camille and Thomas, we are a young couple guided by ambition and desire to do well.

This project is the "baby" we had always dreamed of.

He was born of our love and passion for fashion and commerce.

Deaa has been able to see the light of our skills, beyond a dream, Deaa is the taking advantage of our achievements: indeed, its creators, "her parents", are both in business and communication studies.

Every day is an apprenticeship, every new day is one more step toward our goals.

Deaa is still a small brand but we hope that with your help, with your collaboration, it will become a rising star.

All profits are made to benefit from our studies.


Welcome to Deaa and good shopping.

Camille and Thomas


For any additional information please contact us in the contact section.